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While it is true that advertisements are shaped by ideas, there are other factors at play too. At Lighthouse we believe that unless that idea is made known to the right audience through the right medium it will reap you no results. As an advertising agency in Bangalore, it will be our number one task to firstly, come up with creative concepts and ideas for a campaign and then place it strategically to get the desired results.

Advertisement Strategy

After years of practice in the industry, our creative experts will guide you with the exact placement for your advertisement. We will help you decide which medium suits you best. According to your target audience, objective and campaign we formulate a strategy that helps reach your goal through what is called integrated marketing. As an ad agency, we take the responsibility of firstly, creating the right campaign and also marketing it the right way.

What does your business need?

Every company is different and requires a customized approach for its advertising campaigns. We assist businesses to find the right method through different mediums of advertising. Through the right mix of mediums and approach, our creative ad agency achieves its targets in a cost-effective manner.

Social Media Advertising / Digital Advertising in Bangalore

Communication on social media is vastly different from traditional advertising. Trends have changed from just speaking about the product and service to engaging the audience with your product and services. Social Media Advertisements are constantly being updated and as a creative advertising agency, we try our best to keep up with the ongoing trends on social media. We help brands create eye-catchy, thought-provoking yet simplistic communications on social media for their preferred audience.

Print Advertising in Bangalore

This form of advertisement has been popular for time memorial. However, brands nowadays want to include their audience and engage with them through the print medium as well. Our creative team comes up with thought-provoking, innovative yet simple communication after thorough market research.

TV Advertising in Bangalore
Roll, camera, action!

From conceptualization to post-production, Lighthouse will be there with your brand through it all. We work with eminent directors and production personalities who have received international acclaim for their skills. If you’re looking for an ad agency in Bangalore who can help build your brand through the right communication, then you’ve come to the perfect place.

Outdoor Advertising in Bangalore

You can also utilize our creative services for – Hoarding, Bus back designs, Standee, Bus-bench, Car branding, and other innovative avenues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Advertising Important?

Advertising is vital for the growth of your brand. It helps your potential customers understand what you stand for and why and how they should use your product/service. Regardless if you are small or a popular company, advertising has become of the key factors to generate sales and build your brand. People are constantly reminded of the different choices they have for a certain product or service through various mediums. In order to be at the top of the table you will require help of advertising agencies. Creative ad agencies will help boost your company communication and choose the best format to advertise your brand.

Where should I advertise?

Depending on your target audience you can categories your advertising mediums into two categories - Offline and Online. To identify the right Target audience you need to ask question such as – Who is your end customer. What is their geographic location? Who is likely to buy your product/service? What form of communication will reach them best? Based on these answers you can briefly sum up which route you wish to take. For a more strategized approach, it is always advisable to contact an advertising agency.

What is an integrated communications agency?

An integrated communication agency will be able link all forms of communications for your company. An integrated communication advertising agency in simple terms will be able to integrated prootionsl tools so that they work in harmony.

Should I Advertise on social media?

Having a social media presence has become really important these days. It helps you reach the right target audience and gives you instant feedback about your product/service. Not having an online presence can actually hurt your company.

Do I need an ad agency?

Anyone can place an ad but placing quality ads that will get you the desired results is a skill. You need the help of an advertising agency that will help you get the correct balance of creative and market placement strategy. Looking of one of the best creative ad agency in Bangalore? Lighthouse India can help you achieve the results you need to bring your brand to the top.

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