People gravitate towards what looks good and is different, be it food or things. Brands want to create a memorable stamp on their customers' mind and what better way to do this than packaging. Through innovative packaging brands want to stand out in the supermarket aisles amongst 100 different products. However it isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Creating a brand through packaging - First impressions count

Lighthouse conducts thorough market research before starting to develop your product’s packaging. We help our clients identify their competitors according to their product specifications and the target audience. Who is buying your product? What kind of impact does it have in the market? How will the product be purchased? As an advertising agency in Bangalore we focus on what will work for your brand and what will help your customers come back to you.

Customer is king

Throughout our process of package design, we think through the eyes of your customers. What will be convenient for them? What aspect will help them connect to your brand? Is the messaging reflective of the kind of audience you want to target? Our creative team takes all these aspects into consideration while creating your product’s package design. Even though we are a creative ad agency in Bangalore, our designs and creative designs are global.