Advertising and your mind space

Creative Advertising Agency in Bangalore

Imagine any consumer product or services (for e.g. chocolates, ice cream, TV, paint, travel etc) and the immediate 3 brand names that come to your mind are what we, an advertising agency in Bangalore call as ‘BRAND RECALL’.

More often than not, an individual tends to remember approximately 3 brands (sometimes more than 3, in case of soaps, shampoos or cosmetics for e.g.) that are on top of his or her mind and these top 3 brands are usually at the top of the pyramid in their product category. As in, they have a very effective brand that has found its place in a consumers mind-space.

BRAND RECALL is defined as the extent a brand is remembered instinctively within its product, service or industry segment. A good advertising agency will strive to increase their client’s brand recall to such an extent that it reaches a stage where the client doesn’t need to do much in the form of promotions to maintain its leadership position.

Lighthouse is a creative advertising agency where we understand the importance of brand recall and how an effective ad and promotional campaign can help your brand. Our primary goal is to find means and ways of how we elevate your brand into the customer’s mind space. We also understand that this mind space needs to be positive so that your consumer remembers good things about your brand.

Your brand will compete with top players, established players, localised brands and generic brands / products in almost all product / service category.

For academic purposes, lets assume that you are a cold drink brand. Now imagine competing for mind space with (Top brands) Pepsi, Coke and Sprite and with Maaza, Limca, Thums up (established brands) or Bindu, Bejois, Duke’s (localised brands) or with sugarcane juice, fruit juice, coconut water or plain water.

Top brands (and brands in those categories) mentioned above do have their own market pie while competing to grab a chunk from their competing brand segment. For e.g. Pepsi or coke could come up with their own jeera water product to compete with Bindu or run promotions that target consumers who only consume water. Such promotions would concentrate on why or how drinking their product fulfils your thirst better. Remember Sprite’s new commercials ‘Born to refresh’ or Coke’s ‘Thirst stops here’ and Pepsi’s ‘Obey your thirst’?

Established brands compete with both top brand verticals and local brand verticals. These brands usually have their own tribe of followers who swear by the brand and have consumed the brand for a long while. For e.g. a colleague wears Zodiac shirts and nothing else while another wears just Arrow shirts since he started wearing office shirts.

Localised brands depend on consumer loyalty and unique offerings (For e.g. packaged coconut water, fusion drinks, masala drinks etc) to create a niche for themselves. Such brands have varying levels of promotional campaigns and fight to hold on to their niche markets in the face of increasing localised competition. But alas, most local brands have short mind space occupancy - usually lasts till they provide a certain level of fascination or till a competitor comes up with a similar product offering.

It’s imperative that as a brand you know your market well - know your audience and your competition and understand what needs to be done to occupy your audience’s mind space and once there, how to do retain it.

As a advertising agency in Bangalore, Lighthouse brings its decades of industry expertise in market engineering, brand space research and brand insight to give you the optimal solution to gain the maximum dividend from your promotional activity. We work closely with your field teams and your potential clients to plan the perfect drawn out campaign that will start you on your journey to attain the desired client mind space.