The Journey from traditional to digital marketing

Advertising agencies in Bangalore

Advertising agencies in Bangalore are increasingly leaning towards digital mediums to promote their client’s content. What that means is, Ad Agencies have migrated towards creating content solely through digital. In recent times, seasoned Ad professionals have realised that their creative and content team are spending most of their time creating and conceptualising content for digital rather than for traditional mediums. This change in trend has gone up to 70-80%, i.e. designers are designing content and content writers are writing content three fourth of their time for digital rather than for traditional advertising elements.

Effect of digital trends - Top Advertising Agencies in Bangalore

The rise in demand for digital marketing has created specialised positions on the shop floor. Experts in digital content strategy, social media, blog and article writing and UI / UX designers are the new trend these days. Advertising agencies have transitioned from just logo design, brochure design, print and outdoors designs to designing social media posts, website pages and banners and digital ads. Top Advertising Agencies in Bangalore have realised this change and have transformed themselves in the last few years. A typical advertising agency is now mostly pitching for digital work rather than creative as that's what caught on. Client Service teams and account managers need to be abreast of digital marketing and the strategy team spends their time mostly thinking of digital campaign ideas for their clients. The market and demand for things digital are constantly changing and there is no fixed strategy or format that works for a certain set of clients. This is why content creators and digital specialists in Bangalore are constantly coming up with new tactics and strategies every day based on the The convergence has laid a certain amount of stress on traditional advertising, and some of them are still holding on to old ways, but it's increasingly apparent that creative agencies have to make the leap towards digital at some point in time, sooner the better.

Fast-paced deliveries - creative advertising agency in Bangalore

The expansion in digital marketing has changed how we think and respond and creative ad agencies are now forced to deliver both strategies and campaigns much faster than they did for traditional mediums. One of the primary reasons being, digital campaigns are mostly based on current trends and trends change much more rapidly in digital than in traditional advertising. Case in Point, Lighthouse is a creative advertising agency in Bangalore which has been a traditional content creator. When the realisation set in that digital is the way to go in the future, Lighthouse has migrated towards establishing an in-house digital team. We believe in combining the different forms and coming up with content that will complement the kind of advertising that is the right fit for the client. Our team of digital experts and traditional advertising team come together to form Lighthouse and provide its client with an integrated marketing solution.