How your logo design can influence customer decision

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The difference between a good logo and a bad logo is that a good logo design communicates to your customers what your company stands for and what it offers. The various elements of the logo like the font usage, colours, shapes and lines creates a visual image in the minds of the customers about your brand.

This visual image greatly impacts the customers buying decision. The right logo design can communicate trustworthiness, stability, your vision, the softness or hardness of your brand and your brand perception. Lighthouse situated in Indiranagar is one of the best logo designing agency in Bangalore.

Shape of your logo design

Circular logo design

The shape of the logo plays an important part in creating the perception of your brand. A circular shaped logo indicates softness and is associated with comfort, continuity, femininity and security ideal for brands in hospitality, women’s products, banks, car makers etc.

Square & Rectangular logo design

A Square logo and a rectangular logo signifies stability, professionalism, efficiency and strength that goes with the corporate culture. A square or rectangular logo design is ideal for corporate companies, manufacturers, property developers, technology companies etc.

Triangle logo design

Triangle logo design signifies direction moving upwards, forward etc. A downward facing triangle logo is more appropriate for male associated brand. While an upward facing triangle logo signifies progression. Multiple triangle formations signify speed and pace. Brands associated with Sports, mining, construction companies, religion and law.

Spiral, organic shaped logo designs

The viewer is normally surprised by the uniqueness of a different shaped logo and captures creativity and differentiation of the brand. While on the other hand, If not done right, it may signify vainness, whimsical, or complication. Ideally used for organic, music brands.

Your logo color palette

Choosing the right colour palette for your brand logo is extremely important for multiple reasons. One of them being, your choice of colour palette will be carried into all communication elements - both internal and external and even into your digital assets. The second important reason for choosing the right colour palette for your logo design is the colour will determine your brand identity, communicate your brand’s value proposition and it’s personality. Human mind reacts in diverse ways to various colours. The colour usage in your logo will play a part in establishing the emotional connect that you desire with your customers.

These colours are standard colours that most logos use and what these colours signify. White - Signifies purity, hygiene, innocence Black - Power, Strength, Glamour, Intelligence, Modern, Luxury Brown - Seriousness, Confidence, Security, Reliability Red - Vivacity, Warmth, Love, Comfort Pink - Femininity, Love, Warmth, Sexuality Yellow - Friendly, Energy, Positivity, Happiness Orange - Prosperity, Warmth, Change, Playfulness Purple - Luxury, Quality, Awareness Green - Nature, Health, Tranquility, Fertility Blue - Wisdom, Loyalty, Sophistication, Respectability Grey - Classic, Mystery, Timelessness, Efficiency For example, if you are a modern luxury brand that caters to a sophisticated audience, your ideal logo colour palette should include shades of Grey, Black and purple, and if you are a financial institution, your ideal colour choice should be blue and white.

Font usage in your logo design

Font usage will determine your logo’s personality and position your brand as one that’s either creative, quirky, reliable, caring, luxurious, cool or serious. Your logo design agency should consider the following factors: The font should be aesthetically appealing The usage should make your logo look professional It should be legible and simple Spacing and positioning should make it readable Size of the font should make it visible depending on where you are bound to use it Logo fonts fall under four categories, Serifs, Sans Serifs, Decorative and Script. All other fonts or Typefaces fall under these four categories. Serifs typically signify reliability, reputability, neutrality and are conventional in design. Sans Serifs are clean, modern, simple and straight forward. Script fonts are creative, emotive, interesting and curvy. Decorative fonts are usually fun, unique and casual.

Mnemonic and brand mascots usage in logo design

The importance of a Mnemonic or brand mascot comes into effect if your brand name is generic or is a made up word. In such cases, a visual mnemonic or a mascot plays a role in registering your brand in the minds of customers. Use a mnemonic or form a mnemonic from the initials of your brand if you feel that it adds character to your logo. The mnemonic should connect with your product or service. It is usually difficult to establish brand recall and association with just the mnemonic usage, but if you are successful in creating one with your mnemonic then go ahead and use it. The best example of a very popular mnemonic is the Nike swish, the bitten apple, the three pointed star or the blue and white checkered unit which have deeply established themselves in the minds of everyone.

Select the right logo for your brand

Lighthouse - Creative Logo Designers in Bangalore

Designing a logo is serious business and you should seek professional logo design services before zeroing in on the right logo. The usage of the right typeface, shape, colour palette or the inclusion of a mnemonic or mascot together will form the right logo for your business and will go a long way in communicating the right message and image to your customers.