How good is your website for Google

Google has become our one-stop solution to any problem. Looking to cure your common cold? ‘Google it’. Going on vacation? ‘Google it' Looking for a digital marketing agency in Bangalore? 'Google it'. People search on Google for everything. Be it services, locations, information, solutions or even a developer code, thesis, templates, forms you will or be asked to “Google it”. “Google is my friend” & “I use Google for everything” are common terms used by many. No wonder that Google search volumes per day touch close to 10 billion searches by its users from around the world.

So why is Google so significant for your business?

Google is significant for your business because Google opens up your business via your online assets to the world. Your business information can be searched from anywhere in the world and consequently contact you. But there is a catch to it. Google's algorithm has a set of rules that define whether your website is good enough to be a part of Google's search results or not. The quality of your website and its content play a key role in this aspect. This is why website developing companies while constructing your website try to make your website SEO optimized. It is important to remember that with the wealth of information available on Google, the audience does not go further than the first two search page results. And, most businesses that rank up in Google and appear in the first page of particular keyword searches end up with the best enquiry volumes which directly benefit them.

So, how does one go about ranking up in Google searches? Or How to make your website SEO optimized?

The process of ranking up websites/apps/ business pages/blogs is called Search Engine Optimization, which is a set of planned activities that are undertaken online, which typically involves, Analysis, Keywords research, Content creation, Submissions, engagements and optimizing your online assets. SEO processes are active processes that are done daily and results are normally visible within a month or two. As a digital marketing company based out of Bangalore, we make sure that the website of our clients reach the right audience by helping them become visible on the local search. A website isn’t complete when it is designed beautifully. However innovative and different your website is, it needs to rank on top to help reach the people. This is where Digital and web development agencies such as ourselves come into the picture. Your websites need to be monitored and are we are contracted to handle SEO processes for a period of time. The advantage with digital processes is there are actual metrics, reports and analysis that very clearly show you how your SEO is performing. For in-depth consultation of how to drastically improve your business, connect with us on